We provide tools to reduce waste, and thereby costs, all the way from the farmer to the consumers kitchen.


Who we are

We founded this company to be unique and enable our customers to bring perishables in better condition to the consumer!! 
Providing temperature data is one thing! But the real question is: what can I do with my product?

At Cool Chain Solutions, we can answer that question in two steps! 

  • we sell PakSense temperature recorders that deliver solid and reliable data!
  • we deliver unique actionable data for our customers.

In an automated process, Cool Chain Solutions is crunching temperature data with product characteristics resulting in a number related to shelf life loss. 
With these two steps, Cool Chain Solutions successfully helps its customers to reduce waste and therefor increase profits and sustainability.

Reducing waste is good for planet & profit!


Reduced Cost

With the Cool Chain Quick Scan of Cool Chain Solutions, you will know the life expectancy of your products. This allows you to detect waste before you can see or measure it! Less waste means higher net profits. Less complaints, less returns and allows you to meet high quality demands.


There’s a growing food waste awareness amongst everybody. From growers to retailers to consumers. Besides the non-sustainable fact, nobody likes overripe mango's or a bouquet of flowers that will only last two days.  A large portion of food waste occurs because products lose their attractiveness, sometimes even before they got sold. With the Cool Chain Quick Scan, you will know the life expectancy of product and therefor the tools to reduce waste, and costs, all the way.

Happy Consumers

The Cool Chain Quick Scan makes it possible to deliver fresh products with a longer shelf life. The products look fresh and tasty in store, which directly leads to happy consumers and a happy retailer as a follow up.