The Cool Chain Quick Scan enables you to decide which load needs to be shipped first, whether it can be ripened, stored or has to be sold immediately.

You mail your data from any temperature recorder and we mail you our Cool Chain Quick Scan. Using our PakSense temperature recorders we can automate the complete process.


Temperature Recorders

Cool Chain Solutions has chosen the PakSense temperature recorder as monitor of choice. The PakSense temperature recorders help in claim situations and perhaps more importantly help to improve your cold chain.

PakSense Ultra Wireless recorders

No handling! Using the PakSense Ultra Wireless you can cover the whole cold chain. Upon arrival data is automatically forwarded automatically to smartphone, tablet or pc. 

PakSense ExpressPDF

USB temperature recorder. Anywhere any place No need of software or interfaces. Data is directly available.

PakSense UltraNFC

Transfers temperature data to with Android phone or tablet on its trip to final destination

PakSense UltraContact

Straightforward economical temperature monitoring. Contact reader downloads the UltraContact data after downloading the data is downloaded on an PC.

Cool Chain Solutions distributes the PakSense recorders in Europe, Middle East & Africa and is the sales & service center for the territory. Cool Chain Solutions carries stock of PakSense product and is the European return center for used recorders.